About SmileKeys

SMILE is an acronym and a divine idea that represents 5 Keys to the Heart of our Everlasting God and Father.

Soaring on the Word of His Grace...

SMILE is an acronym and a divine idea that represents 5 Keys to the Heart of our Everlasting God and Father. It contains and embodies time-tested principles and practices that open up the Heart of God to a person, keeps the heavens open over the person’s life, makes the person relevant in the agenda of God for his generation and make God delights in the person. In a nutshell, SMILE is the way to make God smile.

Samuel and Mary Aina are the Founders of SMILE KEYS. Together, they run the affairs of SMILE KEYS as a ministry to the world and to the Body of Christ all over the World. Samuel and Mary are called to teach, preach and evangelise the Word of God. They have a special calling to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, according to Luke 1:15-17. This website is part of their kingdom labours towards fulfilling their calling and ministry in the Body of Christ.

Samuel and Mary Aina are happily married and they worship with the Encounter Ministries, Pullman, WA.

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At SMILEKEYS, We are committed to a Wholesome Ministry.


This is a segment of our website that is dedicated to bringing the Love of God and Gospel of Salvation to the souls that are yet to meet Jesus. Our aim is to help as many persons as possible to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, find the Way, Truth and Life in Christ Jesus; and ultimately make heaven.


This is a set or series of confessional prayer on different issues and matters of life. We are compiling series of scriptures on God’s Promises on different subjects as a service unto God and for the building up of the Faith and Hope of God’s People.


Salvation Kit is the means by which we are extending the opportunity for our website visitors to make decision for the Lord Jesus and begin a Journey into eternal rest. It is the greatest decision anyone can ever make. A free Book called ‘Salvation Kit’ is available for free to all who take the bold step to hand over their life to Christ Jesus.


This is a series of articles with special focus on the believer’s walk with God. It serves the purpose of edification, doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction on righteousness.


This is an aspect of our ministry dedicated to providing information about people and places that need prayers, either as a matter of urgency or request. The aim is to help our readers stand in the gap for others and so fulfil their ministry to other people and be like Christ. Intercession makes us Partners with Christ Jesus.


This segment of our website is dedicated towards responding to questions from our readers. Additionally, it provides practical answers to real issues of life. We aim to raise questions that are popularly demanding answers and by God’s Grace shed light on knotty issues.


This is a daily devotional series prepared to help our subscribers fellowship daily in the Word of God. It is daily available and sent to our subscribers’ emails as a service to God and for building up spiritual virtues and the faith of our readers.


This features God’s Word to the Church, prophecies, Special Revelations, Words of Wisdom, Comfort, Exhortations and Edifications to the Body of Christ; and warnings to the World at large. It hopes to cover end time events.


Dedicated to Discipleship and taking after the steps of Our Lord Jesus. It features articles and studies on the life and ways of Christ Jesus and it is aimed at helping our readers learn of Christ and follow in His steps. This section will also feature testimonies and experience of men and women who have followed the Lord as their Saviour and Master.