SO what is smilekeys?

Smile represents Five Keys to the Heart of God

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Study the Word

At Smile Network, we are committed to studying the Word of God and helping you do so.

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Imbibe The Word

At Smile, We want to help as many persons as possible get the Word of God into their hearts and whole being.

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Evangelize The Word

At Smile, we want to equip you and get you on your toes to fulfilling your life mission of bringing others to Christ Jesus.

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Meditate The Word

Spirit-inspired keys to help you meditate in the Word of God and get the best from The Word of Life.

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Live out The Word

Together, we make spiritual progress and maturity, making God’s Word as our lifestyle for the world to see.

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SMILE is an acronym and a divine idea that represents 5 Keys to the Heart of our Everlasting God and Father.

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Smile represents Five Keys to the Heart of God

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Free from Fear
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Free from Fear

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