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Welcome to Day 39 of the 40 Day of return to the Lord. Today’s word of admonition is to hold fast to the confession of your faith without wavering. Stay committed to your relationship with Jesus. Keep building on what you have in Jesus. The truth is there are tones of demonic doctrines flying around, don’t let them nest in your heart. Rejoice for there will be storms but be assured that you have victory because Jesus the greater one lives in you.

Hold Fast to the Name of Jesus

To hold fast means to hold your position in God’s kingdom as a son, to fix your gaze on Jesus, and not lose sight of the finished work of Christ for you. The world, humans, demons are afraid of the name you bear, it’s a threat to them and they are seeking ways to get it out of you. Never let go of Jesus as you travel through life. Don’t become too familiar with the name as to lose the power and the authority in the name of Jesus. Treat the name like you know He is physically present with you and able to do all things.

There is a relationship between what is in your hand and in your heart. Whatever you hold on to with your hands is tied to your heart. Holding on to Jesus requires your attention and action. The aim of the enemy’s weapon is to make you lose your hold on Jesus so that you will deny your faith in Jesus, all of these come subtly, you must be vigilant and watchful in these dangerous times. Let the feeling of discouragement lead you to hold firm to the Lord. There are many big names in the world, the names of general overseers and children of God but you have been given the name of Jesus for salvation.

Hold Fast to the Profession of your Faith

The word of God that you have received and believed over time has form flesh and has become a tangible part of your Christian walk with the Lord. A lot of things in the world is looking to exchange your profession of faith for the profession of fear. Do not let the troubles of this life take those words from you. Preserve the words you have intact in your heart like you know that you need them to be able to make it to the end. As you hold fast to the word of God you increase in power, authority, and the glory of God, the knowledge of God keeps abounding in you and flowing out like rivers of water.

Hold on to what you have

Scripture says in Revelation 3:11 I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take away your crown. Don’t despise what you have, however strong or weak you think you are in faith, hold on to the testimony of Jesus. You gained the crown when you believed in the name of Jesus. The crown is preserved for you as you hold on to Jesus to the end. Don’t let someone else take your crown, don’t cheat yourself out of your inheritance in Christ. The end of your Christian journey is so important to your eternity. Be assured that God is able to keep you to the very end.

Ways to Keep Holding on

  1. Fill your heart with the love of the Father.
  2. Keep looking unto Jesus, whatever comes your way.
  3. Be ready to endure as you journey through life into eternity.
  4. Focus on the glory ahead, your crown.
  5. Jesus is the Word! keep the word in your heart. Halleluyah!

Finally, Jesus walked through the earth as a man with like passions as you are, he suffered unjustly, He suffered hunger, grieve of a loved one, thirst, rejection, persecution, discrimination, hate, betrayal, and separation. He went through all of these for an example for you. He focused on the glory ahead, He didn’t react to the sufferings, He chose to endure it all for the glory that was waiting for Him. May the Lord keep you to the very end in Jesus’ Name! Amen.


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Please and help us reach someone

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Daily Scripture:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. — Proverbs 9:10 (NKJV)
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