Making God Smile

SMILE is an acronym and a divine idea that represents 5 Keys to the Heart of our Everlasting God and Father.

THE Story Behind SMILE

What do you think will make God Smile?

To smile is to express amusement, pleasure, or love and kindness. It is to look cheerful and joyous; to have an appearance suited to excited joy. To see a beautiful example, look on the face of a baby in a good mood.

What is it that can make you smile? What are the things that amuse you? We all enjoy being around people that make us smile. No one wants to stay around someone who is face tightened or who bores. People who seldom smile don’t attract us either. Smile is such a powerful expression and emotion.

We all appreciate people that make us smile. Their memories are rarely forgotten or lost. Smiles are good. They relax our nerves, muscles and brain. People stay around us also when we make them smile. They feel at home and endeared to us. Isn’t it so? Now think about this! What do you think will make God smile? What do you really think will make the God of heaven and earth smile? Paying your tithe? Giving fat offering? Helping people? Going to church regularly? Obeying God? …the list can be endless.

Smile 1

The Greatest Gift to Man

God has a gift for you, it is the greatest Gift You can ever Receive! It can be Yours Now!

Smile 2

At some point in my own life, I began to feel a need to get into God’s heart. I wondered in my heart what it was that could attract me to God and draw me to God’s heart! There in the choir stand, I sat on that faithful Sunday. In my deep heart search, I asked these questions: Lord, how can I make you smile? How can I really make you smile? How can I please you? How can my life bring joy and gladness to your heart?

What I heard and saw thereafter were stunning; almost immediately God responded to my questions in a very simple but strong and powerful way that has remained with me, even after more than a decade. I wondered, “Could God answer back the thought of a man’s heart that quick – the genuine craving of a heart longing for God, to please Him and bring joy to the Almighty!”

Like a flash of light, the Answer came in a scroll before me:

  • Study My Word
  • Meditate My Word
  • Imbibe My Word
  • Live out My Word, and
  • Evangelize My Word

It came in that order. And without being told, I understood what God said. “The keys to making Me smile is contained in the acronym SMILE”. God continued to explain to me, “If you commit yourself to doing these things and make them your life, you would succeed in making Me smile and joyous all of your days here on earth and beyond; and your progress will be evident to all.

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The Greatest Gift Ever!

God has a gift for you, it is the greatest Gift You can ever Receive! And it can be yours Now!

I almost screamed and jumped around at that awesome experience; but then I remembered the church service was going on. Moreover I was at the choir stand, I quickly penned those words down, and then shared them with my close friend in the choir, who was sitting next to me. The revelation thrilled him, but it thrilled me much more!

I have since then take as my principles of life those God-given illumination or revelations as the sure, steadfast and certain way to please the Father. You sure don’t want to live a life that will bring sorrow, pains and regret to God. No, I know you don’t. But do you really mean to bring joy to God and put eternal smile on the Father’s face? Then I got a good News to share with you. I got some secrets to share with you. It isn’t a man-made formula or a human equation; it is what I believe to be Spirit- inspired keys to the heart of the Father. And I am going to share them with you one after the other.