They saw it. They felt it. And, they spoke of it.

They saw it. They felt it. And, they spoke of it.

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Where it all started and Who I was before I met Jesus.

I was raised in a small town in the Southwestern Nigeria, called Ile-Ogbo. It is bounded in the right by Ile-Ife (the ancestral home of the Yoruba race), bounded in the left by Oyo (another ancient, religious, and cultural town), to its north is Osogbo (the capital of Osun State, which is also a religious, and ancient town), and in the south by Iwo (a major Islamic town and ancestral town). Like every other small towns sharing boundaries with big cities, it was great influenced by these cities religiously, politically, and socioeconomically. Without question the two predominant religions in the town while growing up (even up until now) were: the traditional and Islam – mostly from the influences of big nearby cities.

I was born and raised in this town. And, it was not difficult to explain why I adopted Islam, the religion of my parents, as my religion with moderate exposure to traditionalism, just as they were. In fact, before his death, my maternal-grandfather was the chief Imam of our town; and till now many of my uncles still remain highly devoted to Islam.

The problem with this lifestyle was that I was far from the Lord, in fact I hardly hear about Jesus until I left home. In all of these, the most troubling was my life. I was wallowing in sin and going down steeply the road of destruction and my parents were scared. Sadly, the only way out they know was Islam, but could not help.

Let me explain a certain incidence that will highlight the degree of my depravity. We just finished eating as a family and my parents asked me to pack the plates to the kitchen. It did not go down well with me. Instead of protesting, I packed the plates grumbling. And while on my way to the kitchen, away from the sight of everyone, I began to curse (not abuse) my parents for sending me work – to pack the plates that I used with them! I was less than 10 then. Shameful? Yes.  But thank God for Jesus.

My Conversion: How I met the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is difficult to speak of my salvation without speaking of my first encounter with the gospel and Kid Vac, my primary school. One night on our way home from shop we met a group of missionaries, who had visited our town to shoot a Christian movies. I do not remember the title. But I remember one particular incidence that still remains with me till today: a scene of hell. Until then, I cannot remember hearing about it. Later, I left home to continue my primary education in Iree, Osun State: a Christian school and boarding house. There I was extensively exposed to Christianity. And thanks a lot to these people, all of whom I have lost contact, but will be forever grateful to: Mr. Sappong Yeboah (our housemaster, and a Ghanaian), Yemi Adesoji, Shina Olanrewaju, among others. This exposure laid strong foundation for my conversion, without which it might be difficult or at best long before I met the Lord. Therefore, it was not surprising that I chose school fellowship instead of mosque when I got to secondary school, Unity School Ejigbo, Osun State.

It was in one of those times, in fellowship, I finally surrendered to the Lord under the ministration of Evangelist (now Bishop) John Oladapo. Bishop John (fondly called Bro. John in those days) was a fine art teacher in the school but was highly devoted to students evangelism and mission works. Through him many were converted and disciple. Together, great percentage of his student-converts are still standing today and doing great works for the Lord. He is currently doing mission work in Benin Republic.

The Transformation that I have Enjoyed.

As you will expect, the story of my conversion was not well received by my family. I had been to Arabic school. My grandparents were committed Muslims and the same can be said of my uncles and aunts. To everyone around me I was a lost soul. Such experience was not easy for a 13 year old boy in JSS 2. I cried. I was isolated, and felt the pains of a 13 years old kid; but thank God I stood and still standing.

In spite of these oppositions or persecutions, one thing that my accusers and challengers found difficult to speak against was the changeI was changed for good. Praise God! They saw it. They felt it. And, they spoke of it.

Even though they did not approve of my new found faith, they found it difficult to deny its power on me: I was no longer that disobedient, insolent, angry, and stubborn Moruf. I became obedient, responsible, discipline, gentle, quiet, and studious son of God. Yes, I became studious. I was taught early in my Christian walk that a Christian must be hard working and if he is a student he must strive to top his class. That was the Christianity I was made to know. Hence, through God and hard work, I moved from the bottom of my class to the top – another added testimony to my change.

A Gentle Call to you if you are yet to be Saved.

Since the time of my salvation I have developed passion for youth and teens, raising them up unto the Lord. So let me invite you to come and taste the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. I have the experience and I can tell you that there is none like it. God has helped me to speak to a few youth and teens who have given their lives to Jesus and standing in the Lord, serving the Lord in various capacities, in different ministries across the world, and raising others along with them. I ask you to join us today, and become a brand new person in Christ. Here is the salvation Prayer.

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Taiwo Nafiu
Taiwo Nafiu

Taiwo Oluwaseyi Nafiu is a mechanic engineer by training. He is an intercessor, evangelist and disciple-maker by divine calling. Taiwo loves to pray and intercede for the unsaved. He was the Prayer secretary of the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is happily married and serving the Lord.

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