Enjoying God’s Word, Part II

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Studying God’s Word – Part IV
2Tim. 2:15, James 1:25, Prov. 4:20

 Enjoying God’s Word, Part II
Ezek. 3:3

 Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth. (Ezek. 3:3, NIV)

In the part one of this article, we examined nine elements of a fun-filled study life. Let us examine the remaining ones:

  1. Ask Questions. Like I said before, when you study the Bible, make a practice of asking God questions and seeking the Lord for answers in the scriptures. You can say, “Lord, why did you say that to that man?”, “Lord, what is the significance of this and that to my walk with you?”, “How can I enjoy all these things you are showing me here?” Asking questions when we study make our study time both fun and productive.
  1. Write things down. It is counter-productive to claim to study the Bible without writing things down. You should have a note and a pen. The note should not be a scrap paper or a mere sheet of paper you are liable to throw away. It should be your study note.
  1. Underline and mark the Bible when you study. This is a great practice that helps concentrate your attention and help you gain emphasis and easily locate a scripture especially for cross-reference and richer study experience.
  1. Compare scriptures with scriptures. This is an inevitable practice. Bible is written with one purpose and every part links up other parts. It is like a puzzle which only makes meaning and sense when you are able to arrange the image right. Comparing or linking one verse in a part of the Bible with verses in other parts of it will shed more light and illumination, and bring balance and deeper understanding to you.
  1. Use a scripture reference Bible and check up on the references. This will strengthen your ability to compare or link up scriptures with scriptures to make more meaning out of the Word of God for your life and circumstances.
  1. Take note of key facts in the passage you are reading – the characters, their names, meaning of names, numbers in the passage, events, their locations, the times, the occurrences, the ironies, the instructions and the blessings.
  1. Don’t struggle with what you don’t understand. Take note of it and give it time. Understanding usually comes to such part or issue as you proceed and advance in your study. Someday, you will get to the part of the Bible that will suddenly shed light on what was not before not clear.
  1. Apply God’s Word to your life first before bringing others into the picture. Don’t study God’s Word so as to use it for others; let it bless you first. It is the Word that has blessed you that can really bless others. It takes someone who has been blessed to be a blessing to others.
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Samuel Aina
Samuel Aina

Samuel is a gifted teacher of the Word. He co-founded SmileKeys as a means of expressing what He believes to be God-given Principles for Walking with God and Excelling in the Christian Life. He is happily married with lovely Kids. He can be reached at samuel@smilekeys.com

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