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This is 11:45pm just about 15 minutes to a new day!

Lord, just show me mercy this night and help me. Examine my heart and my life and be sure they are straight and still in touch with you.

Call my attention to areas I have been compromising and abetting unrighteousness around me and within me.

Open my eyes this night that I may understand where I really stand with you and in the light of eternal destiny.

Garbage out of me every undesirable trait in my life. Shield my soul, O Lord, from destruction and ruin. And help me to make it to the end in Jesus name. Amen.

Examine every word I have spoken today and draw my attention to where I need to make amends. Help me to pay closer attention to my actions, inactions, dispositions, reactions and thoughts. Please, heavenly Father, help me to remain undefiled in the way.

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Samuel Aina
Samuel Aina

I am a young man committed to following Christ Jesus, the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and fulfilling the Eternal purpose of the Father for my life. The greatest treasure I have is my salvation and my greatest asset is the Holy Spirit. NOTE: This Article was first Published on

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