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Today’s ascension message is centered on God’s generosity to all mankind. God’s kind of generosity is amazing! God gave up His only Son to die a shameful death for our redemption. It is interesting to note that the most appropriate gift to mankind was given by God Almighty. Have you received your Christmas gift? This is your opportunity to accept Jesus into your heart. He has been given to all mankind, irrespective of economic status, gender, or race. Jesus is called Lord over all; He is Emmanuel, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace, the Holy One of God, King of kings, and Lord of lords. He has made all of these to all who accept Him as Lord and much more.

What is Generosity?

Generosity is of the heart; it is the willingness to give generously. For instance, wise men who saw the star from the east came to Bethlehem to worship Jesus and present gifts to Him. So also, the shepherd receives messages from angels and goes to worship the King of kings. You don’t get to choose who or what God uses to bring the good news to you but trust God, He sure knows the best way to communicate His love to you. The wise men brought gifts, and the shepherds who might not be economically buoyant spread the good news about the birth of the Messiah abroad. They may not have money, but they had mouths to share the gospel. What will you give back to God for His wonderful gift to you? How many souls have you won for Christ this year?

God is Seeking Generous Givers

If our God is generous, then His children must resemble Him in generosity. The angel said to Cornelius “Your prayers and your generous gifts to the poor have come up as a sacrifice to God and have been remembered by Him” Acts 10:4. Generosity without having a place with Jesus is philanthropy. Note that Cornelius had a sweet fellowship with Jesus through His prayers. His prayer was notable both to God and His angels. How is your prayer time? Can God say of you as He did for Cornelius? The good news is that you can grow in prayer. A man can give all he has to the poor and have no place with Jesus. It is like putting the cart before the horse. Recognize that the best gift you can give to God is your heart. In a loving relationship with you, He knows you and you know Him like friends. A strong relationship is built by strong communication with God through prayers. Generosity before God begins with one-on-one fellowship with God through prayers and meditation on His word.

How to Become Generous?

Practical steps are required to become generous like God. Start by giving your time, talent, and resources to serve God and his kingdom. Start small, share something you have never given before and take a gradual step. Make sure that your giving comes from your heart.

The desire to give generously will keep growing as you exercise your will to do so. Giving generously is part of your makeup as a child of God. It is built on the understanding that you also have received the things you have and that is why you are in a position to gift them out. A man can only take from whatever to either offer to the Lord or give to people. The way to store up treasures in heaven is to give generously here on earth; both to kingdom projects and to humanity (believers) in cash and in kind.

Why is it Important to Give Generously?

  1. Those who give generously will also receive generous blessings here on earth and translate to a ripe old age because you cannot die until you have received the harvest of your generosity.
  2. Sacrificial giving is pleasing to God, you secure God’s attention and you replicate God when you engage in it.
  3. Abraham entertained angels because of his generosity. Angels are ministering spirits sent to work for heirs of salvation. Your generosity can connect you with people who will genuinely work for your good.
  4. Both God and people will always remember you for good and give thanks to God for your sake.
  5. Generous giving will lead to an increase in material riches.

Finally, consider all that you have received from the Lord this year. Make a list, give thanks to God for each gift and find ways to also be a blessing to other people. Jesus gave up His life as a sacrifice for us all. Today, He is alive forever, lifted above all else, He is seated far above principalities and powers and has received a new name. God bless you as you make efforts to look like Jesus in every way.

Merry Christmas!


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Mary Aina
Mary Aina

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