God keeps his promises, He can be trusted.

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God keeps His promises, and yes, He can be trusted. One scripture that resonated deeply with me as the year was coming to an end is Psalm 126:3, “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” This scripture truly captures and expresses everything God did for my family and me this year. The year started roughly and only worsened as time passed, but God miraculously came through for us.

From God’s Promises to Life Perils

Although this year began extremely rough, I expected things to improve so quickly but contrary to my expectations, things deteriorated further. Initially, it appeared that the promises God made for this season of my life would not materialize. However, I had a choice: either to believe in God and hold onto His word or to be overwhelmed by the surrounding circumstances. I chose to hang in there with the Lord.

The challenges quickly piled up, from frequent clinic visits due to stubborn colds, allergies, and coughs which led to substantial medical bills, to marital upheavals, academic and career uncertainties, and even job loss. My devotion and time spent with the Lord were what kept me going. His reassuring words provided unwavering support and sustained me.

Leveraging Personal Faith and Support System

During this time, I was selective in sharing what was happening in my life, drawing support from those God brought into my life to stand with me in prayerful solidarity. Their prayers and wise counsel were invaluable, helping me navigate through the year’s challenges. Two scriptures, 1 Corinthians 2:9 and Isaiah 40:27-31, were particularly instrumental in keeping me grounded. I held onto these words, steadfastly believing in Him.

Harvesting Promises and Winning with God

The truth of God’s word is powerful and irrefutable; every obstacle ultimately succumbed to His promises. This journey has reinforced my belief that God is indeed trustworthy. However, we have a crucial role to play. We must have faith in His promises and stand firm on them, even when it seems illogical to do so.

Everything that seemed insurmountable, like towering mountains, was overcome, and every low point, like deep valleys, was raised, in line with Isaiah 40:3-5. God’s faithfulness was evident in every aspect of the year. He not only fulfilled His promises but exceeded our expectations. We return all the glory and honor to Him in humble gratitude.

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Samuel Aina
Samuel Aina

Samuel is a gifted teacher of the Word. He co-founded SmileKeys as a means of expressing what He believes to be God-given Principles for Walking with God and Excelling in the Christian Life. He is happily married with lovely Kids. He can be reached at samuel@smilekeys.com

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