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The world is gradually coming to an end, and everything is crashing. The world is tired and groaning for something new. We have all come into a strategic moment in human history, and it is the peak of harvest into the kingdom of God. So, what kind of person should you become or be or are you becoming? Will, you not awake from doing dead works, works that do not count before God. For we are now overly consumed with works that are vain. Trying to do and outdo others, not in the spirit of love. Come alive again in God.

Are you still sleeping?

You are standing at a crucial time in the history of the human race, so you are graced and also equipped for this moment. Wake up to the reality of the times and act like you know what is at stake. The truth is you will continue to slumber and sleep if you don’t understand your place in all these. A man without plans on how to maximize his twenty-four hours will sleep until mid-day. Are you still sleeping? A slumbering man can keep nothing, not even himself. I pray that you will wake up out of slumber to the call of God on your life in Jesus’ Name.

Quick check; What keeps you awake at night? What gets you out of bed in the morning apart from your alarm?

The Living God

Praise God! we serve the living God. Who does not want you to die to Him else you will have no part in Him. Can you imagine what happens whenever you trim your nails? That part that is cut away seizes to be part of your body, thus, becomes dead to you. God is seeking a living church, not a dead church and you are that church, his body. Jesus being the head is alive forevermore. So, is the body, that is, You. Stay alive in Jesus’ Name.

Take Your Place

It is your choice and duty to stay awake, to do the right thing, all that will help you stay awake to God. There are tendencies for believers to fall asleep from tiredness from works that sap spiritual energy and deprives them of time of fellowship with God. Of course, there are specifics that God has ordained you to do and there are things He will have you do on a daily basis that has to be done as He requires. Many believers are dead today as a result of incomplete obedience, as in the story of Saul when he spared king Agag, sheep, and the oxen in 1Samuel 15. It is a dangerous place to be. This doesn’t make God smile on us.

How can a believer take his or her place in these times?

As you know the structure of the world is antiGod so you should not seek encouragement from it because it has none to offer.  You will take your place in this season as you fellowship with the Holy Spirit. First, acknowledge Him, relate with Him, Spend time with the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to minister to you. And this is not only during your time of prayers and study of God’s word, you need to take Him everywhere, into everything you do. Let Him do what the Bible says He will do in you and for you. Believers today have not maximized the power and work of the Holy Spirit enough.

Note that, the Holy Spirit has been given to every believer in Christ. Ask Him to come now in Jesus’ Name. There is no place for a weak Christian in these times, you should continually draw strength from the Holy Spirit else your faith will be in vain. I pray that your faith will not be in vain in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

To live like this is all the more urgent, for time is running out and you know it is a strategic hour in human history. It is time for us to wake up! For our full salvation is nearer now than when we first believed, Romans 13:11. We experience our full salvation when Christ appears, at the rapture of the saints. Will you be there? Are you ready to receive our Christ? Identify whatever may hinder you and take them out of your way. God is our salvation, and He is nearer now than ever, His power is potent, His presence is stronger, His appearing is nearer, His glory is here among us. Be ready!


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Please and help us reach someone

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But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. — Acts 20:24 (NKJV)
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