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It is Day 37 of the 40 Days of return to the Lord. Today’s admonition from the Lord is to be prepared for the day of the Lord. To be a good worker, who knows that the time is short, giving time for a deeper study of God’s word. Which is required for adequate preparation for what lies ahead.

Work Hard so you can Present Yourself to God

It is amazing that you give time to study for an academic exam that is meant to take you to the next phase in your life pursuit but pay unequal attention to the core. Some of us even burn candles to stay awake through the night to ensure adequate preparation. Reading, studying, taking notes, trying past questions, and thinking about your subject matter, cross-checking with other texts and academic papers. Imagine that you put the same effort into studying God’s word, you need to start preparing for the examination of your soul. The study of God’s word requires hard work and dedication, just as you put into your academics and profession.

Study to Receive God’s Approval

Whose approval do you seek? Have you received God’s approval? The study takes some effort and investment on your part. Seek to receive God’s approval. Don,t study first to preach, but to apply the word in your own life. Let the word be a blessing to you that can be shared as opportunities come. You receive God’s stamp on your life as you do His word. He puts His name on you as a proud Father. You are a slave to whoever you obey,

How Do I Study the Bible?

  1. Find a notebook and a pen.
  2. Get your favorite colors of the felt pen to mark out verses that stand out to you.
  3. Get 2-3 Bible translations

Read or listen to the audio version of the verse or chapter up to 5-10 times, then try to write it down in your own words. Take note of the words that catch your attention for further study. Write down your thoughts and revelations. Also, write prayer concerns from the revelation of the scriptures.

What Questions Do I Need to Ask When Studying the Bible?

Start by being a detective, observe the scriptures, ask questions, look for evidence, and give an interpretation, compare and draw a conclusion to make a decision.

  1. What attitude do I need to change as a result of this study?
  2. What do I need to start or stop doing?
  3. What mindset do I need to change?
  4. What things do I need to start believing or stop believing?
  5. What relationship do I need to work on?
  6. What do I need to be doing for others?

Some other Resources that could be Helpful

I encourage believers to start studying the Bible without these resources so as not to rob yourself of the original word from the Lord to you. You should go-ahead to these resources when you have completed the previous steps involved in the study.

  1. A good study Bible
  2. An exhaustive concordance
  3. Bible dictionary/encyclopedia
  4. A topical Bible
  5. Bible handbook
  6. Bible knowledge keyword study
  7. Commentaries

Don’t Be Ashamed of Giving your time to Study

As you continue to study the Bible on a regular plan, you may not be aware of the change that is taking place on the inside of you. Refuse to compare yourself with anyone but give yourself to consistent study and meditation of scriptures. This is how the required growth and change occur in your spirit, emotions, intellect, physical, and social life. Nothing happens until you make a commitment. Choosing to rob mind with God until your mind becomes like His. You have the mind of Christ on every issue of life. You have been called to be a diligent student of the Word.

Correctly explaining the Word of Truth

There are a lot of strange doctrines in the world today because someone neglected the place of study. The church needs the word of truth to raise disciples, establish godly doctrines, and make decisions for everyday life. The ability to explain the word does not come by laying on of hands or praying, it comes by sitting down at the feet of the master to hear Him echo His heart into your heart until a mature man is formed in you.

Study not to pay attention to cultural myths, traditions, or the endless study of genealogies, all these digressions only breed controversies, and debates. They are devoid of power that builds up and strengthens the church in the faith of God.

Scriptures say in 2 Timothy 2:15 to work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.

Finally, the consistent study will influence your thoughts, words you speak and you will be ministering to people everywhere with or without a congregation, your life, and your world. God is looking to pour Himself into you to prepare you for His second coming, you need God’s power to withstand these days. He wants to strengthen and equip you against all the weapons of the enemy that will be targeted against you, and to pass every test and temptation that comes your way.

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Please and help us reach someone

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Daily Scripture:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. — Proverbs 9:10 (NKJV)
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