Feeding on God's Word

Feeding on God’s Word

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The word of God is like food for your survival, the moment you abstain from it, you grow hungry and tired. Then man becomes vulnerable to the wiles of the enemy. A believer without the word  falls into doubts. Matthew 4 vs 4 says, Jesus said, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’”

How do you feed on the word of God? Feeding your spirit man begins with reading the word of God, reading with the intention to retain and act on the word for your nourishment.

Keep the word

The question is  how do you keep His word? It is important to note that the storage place is the heart, that’s where the word is saved for future purposes. But sometimes it looks like you don’t remember your memory verses? Go back to the word, revise it, think about it, this act will help you remember always. That way it stays on you like a stamp. Save them well, whether in your notepads or device. Keep it safe and accessible. Bind them continually upon your heart and tie them about your neck proverbs 6:21. The word will keep you from wandering away from the path set before you. These instructions are life for your spirit, soul and body. It is the key to staying alive to God, no wonder it is a continuous process. Everyday feasting on the word of God. It is that simple.

Think of God’s word as raw food in your pantry

When I need to make some fried rice with chicken and salad, most times preparation from scratch takes about one to one and a half hours. Afterwards, I settle down to eat the food, and relax. Right! The raw food in my pantry is the word of God lying in my Bible. The time of preparation differs depending on the meal or recipe. Cook time is the period when I ponder, meditate, search scriptures, pray through scriptures until light falls on it, it takes applying heat to cook. That heat is the question you are asking the word and the Holy Spirit. While many of us may rush out as soon as light falls, but  no, the harvest has just begun, the food of God’s word  is ready to be consumed, prayed and you just keep taking notes as the revelation keeps coming.

If you are a new Believer and you are wandering, what? 

 I don’t know or I’ve not received any teaching. Yes, start with the word of God and find balanced teachings on the basis of your faith in Christ where you can continue to build upon. Teachings on judgment, mercy/love, faith, salvation, rapture, forgiveness, righteousness, sanctification, the kingdom principles to mention a few. Decide to be a good student of the Bible by not just swallowing all that is being taught without first checking with the word of God. Honestly, you are responsible for whatever you allow into your spirit, filter every teaching by the word of God and whatever becomes of your faith. The question to ask yourself is, what does the Bible have to say about this subject in question?

Find opportunities to use the word

Seek opportunities to use those words, the Bible says those who seek will find. Encourage someone with the word, share the word with a friend, write an article or a post on your social media platforms around the word you have received. For instance, I make practice of saying my memory verses to my kids, and sometimes they ask me to repeat myself several times, that way I get the opportunity for the word to sink deeper into me while sharing. This makes me think of the Doppler effect, where studies show that  asking students to prepare to teach something—or encouraging them to think “could I teach this to someone else?”—can significantly alter their learning trajectories.

Let the word become flesh

Act on the word you have received, let it guide your life. The moment you become yielded to the word it becomes flesh in you. When you put the word to work, I assure you that the word will work for you. The word of God in action is power activated to yield amazing results, the supernatural. That’s how to obey the word of God. 

These are ways that show that you have regard for the word of God and you will never forget them. The human heart has the capacity to save the entire Bible and much more. 

Wrap yourself in them from head to foot; wear them like a scarf around your neck. Wherever you walk, they’ll guide you; whenever you rest, they’ll guard you; when you wake up, they’ll tell you what’s next. For sound advice is a beacon, good teaching is a light, moral discipline is a life path.


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Mary Aina
Mary Aina

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