Jesus Died for Us

Humility of the Highest Order

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 Who is like the Lord our God, Who is enthroned on high, Who humbles Himself to behold The things that are in heaven and in the earth? Ps 113:5-65 (NASU)

Look at our Bible passage for today again and read it again. Does it catch your attention in any way? If God has to humble himself to look at the things in the heavens and in the earth, then how high would his throne be? Some translations of the Bible say he bends down, another says he stoops to look down. Consider how high God’s throne is to the heavens and the earth.

It takes God humility to take a look at the things in heaven and in the earth for many reasons. His holiness is so perfect and blameless that he cannot behold iniquity. He is so big and great a God that the beauty and excellence of the heavens and earth are like rags to him. Just imagine what the righteousness of men and the morality of the moralist sect of today will look like to God! Imagine the President of America sleeping in a slum for just one night as a way of sharing in the experience of the slum dwellers. Can it ever happen? Now think about this: if it took God humility to look at the things in heaven and earth, then what would it have cost him to have come down to this world as a man? How do we describe his coming down to this world and becoming a man, sleeping among human beings, eating with them, allowing them to beat him and crucify him and kill him? How do we describe him? I think I am short of not just words, but of my breath. I call it humility of the highest order.

Jesus died for you and me

Friends, think about that for some moment. Does it disturb your thinking? Can you appreciate what God did for you by giving us Jesus and allowing him to stoop so low for you and for me? It was so great a humility and sacrifice. It is the greatest height of love. If you are reading this words and you are yet to surrender your heart to Jesus, this is a special moment in your life, a wonderful opportunity that God has brought your way for you to submit all to God and let him come into your heart. If you truly appreciate what God has done by stooping so low to get you up, then you cannot afford to turn him down any more. Just own up and call on His Name right now. He is there with you to save you completely.

Jesus died for you and me

Is there really anyone like our God? Of course there is none. The same God who humbles himself to look at the heavens and the earth came to this world to die for us. That is humility of humilities. Lord, I am so grateful. He did not only behold the earth, he came to the earth to die for us and redeem from us sin and eternal damnation. Humility is an attribute that we must all learn from God. It must not be lacking in our lives as believers because we were saved by the humility of God and without it we cannot save the world or be a blessing to anyone. Humility is setting yourself and status aside to come down. Friend, from where do you have to come down so that you can be a blessing to the world around you? Could it be from your Academic achievements, Talents, Money, Wealth, Social status, Popularity, Intelligence, Arrogance, Boasting, Beauty, Oratory, or Family Heritage? As you go out today, think about what God has done for you and consider what you can do for others. Think about the sacrifice and humility of God and respond to his Gift of Salvation Today. God bless you real good as you open up your heart to the Lord God who came down just for you! (Amen).

Prayer Points·

  • Thank the Lord for choosing to humble Himself despite his Holiness.
  • Praise Him for being so good and loving to you.
  • Thank him for stooping so low to look to you and coming down to save you.
  • Ask the Lord to grant you grace to be truly humble like Him.
  • Ask the Lord to make you a blessing to others·
  • Ask the Lord to show you where you need to come down in your life.
  • As you go out today or go to sleep, the Lord will show you people you need to be a blessing to, do not hesitate to come down and be a blessing.
  • The Lord will rekindle his love in your heart in Jesus Name.
  • God bless your day and grant you peace at your night time in Jesus Name.

Memory Verse: Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:] (Phil 2:5, AMP.)


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Samuel Aina

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