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The Lord will have me take today’s message further from yesterday’s post on “Mixtures”. Multitasking is gaining a lot of attention in this generation. It is often regarded as a strength and this can be misleading. Especially with a task that requires cognitive processes, like studying. How do you put many things in one basket and expect 100% success in all? The wise know that it is much more profitable to be into one thing than be a jack of all, master of none. Decide on one thing that you want to be known for. 

No Fixed Composition

Those in this category are constantly changing; they have no mind of their own, no gate, no principles by which they live, and no definition for key concepts that apply to all. They are not representative of the sample batch, in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. These kinds of believers can be controlled by outward influences and motivated to do anything. Joseph in Potiphar’s house appears to be a fellow whose mind had already been made up about living a life that is pleasing before the Lord. He said, “how can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” Gen.39:9c. When life happens, your true stuff will be obvious. He could not be coerced to do a thing against God.  Even when it meant being imprisoned. Many are trying to fine-tune their beliefs to accept everything possible. I encourage you to get a pen and notepad; write a draft of godly principles you want to live by for yourself and your household. 

Energy is neither Produced nor Evolved

Lukewarmness is having a little bit of everything in a person’s life and it happens subtly. A little bit of skipping a time with the Lord or prayer,  entertaining worldliness, and godliness, clubbing and fellowshipping with believers. It is important to note that it requires no energy at all to form a mixture. There is no fight of faith going on, no working out of salvation with fear and trembling and everything is just life as usual. But the moment you decide to separate from these mixtures, guess what? You need the energy of Christ to get all the impurities out. Know for sure that they will continue to show up as your allies but you need to be persistent in Christ. Boldly telling and showing that you belong to Jesus. Present the finished work of Christ continuously until you master every vice against your life. Habits can be broken and formed. Revelation 12:11 says, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Separation by Simple Physical Methods.

Separation from these ways is possible. It does not matter how long you have been this way, you can be whole. Scripture says, therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed John 8:36. You need to talk to God with your mouth and say NO to faithless works. God desires truth in your inward parts, speaking the truth to God-telling Him about the things in your heart, exactly how you feel, the struggles, pain, joy, and peace. He is aware, He wants you to share with Him. To build fellowship together. Choose one thing, to live for our Lord Jesus Christ in all your ways. Make your one thing bold in your room and everywhere possible. Praise God!!!


Dear Lord, I come out from among them(mixtures) and become separate from all these ways that are contrary to God’s way. I will touch no unclean thing in Jesus’ name. I believe and accept the complete work of Jesus Christ for my life. Amen!

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Mary Aina
Mary Aina

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