Operate in the Realms Where God Dwells

Operating in the Realms Where God Dwells

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For the Lord is high above the nations; his glory is higher than the heavens. Who can be compared with the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high? (Ps 113:4-5, NLT)

Today we want to see one of the reasons we must praise the LORD. Bible says “…the Lord is high above the nations; and his glory higher than the heavens.” What does that mean to you? Satan took Jesus to the peak of the mountains and showed him the glory and beauty of the world and the nations of the earth. Just imagine how great and beautiful some nations and kingdoms of the earth are! You sure can fathom their excellence. But why was Jesus not attracted by the offer? They were far lower to the realm Jesus belong, they were nothing close to attract Jesus. How would devil expect Jesus to be taken in so cheaply by the beauty of the things he created by himself. How can what is created be more excellent and greater than he that created them?

Bible says that the Lord is high above the nations; and his glory higher than the heavens. The Lord is not just high, he is high above the nations. The realm where our Lord belongs is unimaginably far from the realm of this world. At the level of the nations, there is famine, scarcity, poverty, inequality, errors and omissions, prejudice, corruption, failure, inflation, economic meltdown, uncertainties, natural disasters, crimes, political injustice, and all sorts. You can find all of these at different measures at the level of the nations. But our Lord is high above the nations. At the height where God dwells, Bible says it is full of glory, no pains, no diseases, no sin, no death, no disaster, no crime, and no economic melt up or melt down…

God’s glory is higher than the heavens. The distance between the realm of the nations and the realm of the LORD is not small.  Between the LORD and the nations are the heavens, yet the LORD’s glory is higher than all heavens. So how will the nations ever compare to him? This season, God wants us to know His greatness. It is by knowing the greatness of the God that we serve that we can overcome worries and anxieties, panic and fears. For a child of God, there is just nothing to fear, the realm and economy we belong to is not of this world. We belong to a God who is high above the nations and whose glory is higher than the Heavens. How excited are you about that? That so much excites me.

Do you desire to operate in the realms where God dwells even while still in this world and to ultimately reign with Jesus when all things in this world come to an end? Then you need Jesus! You have to surrender your total life to Him now because tomorrow might not be yours. If you are deciding to do that now, I congratulate you and God is ready for you. Simply confess your sins and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart right now. You will be glad you did! For every child of God reading this, God has bestowed on you a glory without limitation or comparison to this world. For us the sky is not the limit, we are seated in Christ who is high above the nations and whose glory is higher than the heavens, hallelujah! This season, never undermine or belittle yourself. God is in you and you can do more than you think. It is your season of ‘No Limitations’. Anything you set your heart to do according to his will and purpose will be possible for you. Go and do great exploits for your God.

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for who He is. Praise Him for being so great.
  • Ask Him to open your eyes to His greatness more than ever before.
  • Ask the Lord to grant you access to a realm that is higher than you.
  • Ask the Lord to manifest his greatness in all that concerns you and in every area of your life
  • Commit your ways to God today and ask Him to unleash the Power of impossibilities from within you.
  • As you go out today or go to sleep, the Lord will be with you and his countenance will be upon your life in Jesus name.
  • God bless your day and grant you peace at your night time in Jesus Name.  

Memory Verse

For the Lord is high above the nations; his glory is higher than the heavens. Ps 113:4

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Samuel Aina
Samuel Aina

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