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Praying To Have  A Baby

Desire To Have A Baby Babies are so precious. Having to wait to have a baby can really be trying. Generally, waiting can be a hard thing to do. Nobody likes to wait. We, humans, love to get what we…

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God's Grace

Prayer To Receive God’s Grace

Finding Grace in The Midst of a Wicked People God’s grace is essential for you in this end time. Wrong has gradually become the ideal thing in our society. Noah found grace before God and was preserved among wicked people…

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Prayer To Receive God’s Love 3

Prayer To Receive God’s Love

God’s Love is The Greatest Force God’s love is unconditional . It outweighs the natural love we know. It is knowing all your faults and shortcomings, yet still chooses you. God’s love is not what exists in human relationships, human…

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Praying For Healing 4

Praying For Healing

The Origin of Sickness and Diseases Sicknesses and diseases are works of the devil that Jesus came to destroy. Demons work hand in hand to put sickness, pains, and diseases on a man’s life. To rob him of a beautiful…

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Listening for Safety 7

Listening for Safety

How Does Safety Connect To Our Listening Ability? “But all who listen to me will live in peace untroubled by fear of harm” (Prov. 1:33 NLT) Many people live in fear today due to life’s problems, accidents, and uncertainties. God…

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