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One Thing 4

One Thing

The Lord will have me take today’s message further from yesterday’s post on “Mixtures”. Multitasking is gaining a lot of attention in this generation. It is often regarded as a strength and this can be misleading. Especially with a task…

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Gold does not naturally exist in its pure state. It combines with these other substances that reduce its worth, and it takes deliberate efforts to make it pure. It is most marketable and profitable after it has been refined through…

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God's Delight

God’s Delight

The breakthroughs, innovation, development, and growth our world has experienced emanated from research, and this not without the input of man. Research is an organized and systematic investigation into something according to the dictionary, while researchers are people who conduct…

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Wake-up Call

Wake-up Call

The world is gradually coming to an end, and everything is crashing. The world is tired and groaning for something new. We have all come into a strategic moment in human history, and it is the peak of harvest into…

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Free from Fear

Free from Fear

Those who work in the bank, get trained on the original currency day after day by touching, squeezing, studying, and doing all sorts of experiments on it for days. Then, comes the test to identify the original among counterfeits. The…

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